The research studies undertaken by the MIBEL Board of Regulators (either on own initiative or at the request of the Governments of both Iberian countries) are available on this page.

January 2024 Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) (Size: 663 KB)

July 2020 Study on the CO2 emission rights market – Executive Summary (Size: 874 KB)

July 2019 Comparative Study of Mibel Prices (Spot and Forward) with other European Markets and their Relationship with the Internal Energy Market – Executive Summary (Size: 485 KB)

March 2018 Integration of Renewable Generation and Cogeneration in MIBEL and in the Operation of Their Electrical Systems (Size: 298 KB) 

November 2011 Long-Term Joint Management Mechanism for the Spanish-Portugal Interconnection. (Size: 203 KB) 

November 2009 Description of the operation of the Mibel (Size: 4.53 MB) 

Other documents are available in Spanish and Portuguese.